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How we work

We meet our clients face-to-face prior to each project at concept stage and conduct a thorough review through our Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) program. Once we have a clear understanding of each client’s needs and goals, we create a customized approach for their specific project.

ESI Program

Our program offers:

  1. Design Engineering – Ability to offer design solutions to maximize productivity and cost benefits.
  2. Application Engineering – Ability to offer application solutions to optimize product performance, quality and long term reliability.

While checking in on a regular basis throughout the project, we also meet face-to-face with clients at the mid- and post-project stages in order to continually measure our performance and gain constructive feedback. This feedback is communicated back to the project team so they can modify their approach, if necessary, or retain it as a lesson learned for future projects.

Delivery/lead times

In days, these are our standard times; faster times are possible.

Single-sided FPC 15
Double-sided FPC 20
Multi-layer FPC 25
Rigid-Flex FPC >25

Technical specifications

Flex Technologies
Line / Space (min) 25/25μm
Conductor width tolerance +/-20%
Microvias / Pads diameter (min) 50/100μm
Blind / Buried vias
Filled via >75%
Soldermask web (min) 50μm
Soldermask registration tolerance +/-35μm
Layer counts
Flex up to 10 layers
Rigid-Flex up to 10 layers
Electrolytic Ni / Hard Au
Electrolytic Ni / Soft Au
Others Electrolytic Sn
Passive component 01005 chip
Connector pitch 0.20mm
BGA Pitch 0.20mm
BGA encapsulation / underfill
100% In-line AOI
100% In-line BGA X-Ray