Case Studies

Take a look at how Topsun has helped fulfill our clients' specific needs


Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF)


Flying Leads: Designed to accept bare integrated circuit chips for interconnection directly to flex circuit signal traces, which extend into the free space of windows within the circuit.

Staggered Leads: Flex-circuits can interface to hardboards via soldered lap joints, lap joints applied with an anisotropic adhesive (conductive in the Z-axis only), compression dots using a raised metal dot, or 'zebra' strips. Compression methods usually require a stiffener behind the contact area.

Wire Harness to FPC Harness

Electrical interconnection is increasingly important to the functionality of modern machines, in particular for incorporation of intelligent control modules. It has been estimated that the average total length of wiring in a modern machine is more than 1.2m. FPC harness offers a substantial weight reduction over wire, due to the smaller mass of copper and dielectric materials required for a given current capacity. Reliability is improved because of a reduction in the number of connectors required. FPC harness is applicable for dynamic movement during operation. Finally, there is the prospect of enhancing functionality of FPC harnesses through incorporation of surface mounted active devices on the flexible interconnection media.

hybrid fpc

Developed by utilizing extremely thin (≤20 microns) fibreglass cloth or Resin Coated Copper foil together with FCCL as the interconnect. It offers lower Dk/Df, low water absorption and high Tg. It performs excellent thermal resistance and enables uniform insulation thickness after lamination. Combine with our loT design concept, it's the best solution for the wearable devices. It allows multiple functions to be connected in a single device and provides the ability to flex/bend.