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Topsun Electronic Singapore Pte Ltd is the frontend application center located in Singapore that specializes in providing design and application solutions for flexible printed circuit (FPC) boards. Topsun comprises of a highly competent technical core team who are the pioneers in the FPC industry with over 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing for consumer, office automation, industrial, automotive and medical product applications. We have developed an Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) program which offers our clients numerous benefits including cost savings, high quality products and shorter time to market.

Zhuhai Topsun Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., our manufacturing facility established in October 2002, is located in the Xiangzhou District of Zhuhai, China. In 2009, it was awarded by the Guangdong Science and Technology Department as a National High-Tech Enterprise that specializes in the manufacturing and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly of FPC boards. To date, we have seen 18 patents registered and the trademark “TOPSUN&FPC” is well recognized as a top quality brand for FPC products in Guangdong province, China.

Our manufacturing facilities boast 5 independent leading edge FPC production lines catering to various market segments and product mix, to produce an annual capacity of 600,000 m². In the assembly area, we operate 24 SMT lines and backend module assembly of FPC/FPCA installation and testing. We also design, manufacture and qualify various precision molds, fixtures and tools for FPC production with our in-house tool room facilities. We have incorporated an independent advanced R&D center that is recognized in the FPC/FPCA industry, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, CPCA organization and other local Ministries.


Our guiding principles have never wavered - Always deliver professional solutions, exceed expectations at every opportunity, collaborate to deliver a seamless customer experience, utilize the right talent in every part of the process; but most importantly, to operate with integrity to forge long-term relationships and trust with our valued clientele.


VISION: To be the best company to work with, and for, in Singapore.

MISSION: To be the leading manufacturer of FPC/FPCA fabrication solutions worldwide through innovations and enhancement of customer productivity and quality.


Our Core Values are the heartbeat of our business that define who we are, what we believe in and how we want to conduct ourselves and our business. At Topsun Electronic, we present 5 core values - Impeccable Customer Service, Integrity, Teamwork, Commitment to our Employees and Operational Excellence Innovations.


Research & Development

• Customer-Focused
• Application-Centered

ESI Solutions

• Cost
• Application
• Design

Design Services

• Circuit Route
• Circuit Assembly Layout

Sourcing Services

• Components • Plastic
• Rubber • Metal
• Cable


• Quickturn Prototype
• Test & Validation

Turnkey Assembly

• FPC & Assembly
• Module Build
• Box Build

Distribution & Logistics

• 3rd Party Warehousing


Creating the best customer service organization in the Flexible Printed Circuit board industry.

We have defined what outstanding customer service means to us. More importantly, we understand that each customer has their own definition of excellence in this area. Project by project, client by client, we will learn how to best meet or exceed their expectations for customer service. We do this by creating strong relationships.

We meet face-to-face with clients prior to each project at concept stage and conduct a thorough review through our Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) program. Once we have a clear understanding of each client’s needs and goals, we create a customized approach for their specific project.

2 Key Scopes of the ESI Program Covers:
1. Design Engineering – Ability to offer design solutions to maximize productivity and cost benefits.
2. Application Engineering – Ability to offer application solutions to optimize product performance, quality and long term reliability.

While checking in on a regular basis throughout the project, we also meet face-to-face with clients at the mid- and post-project stages in order to continually measure our performance and gain constructive feedback. This feedback is communicated back to the project team so they can modify their approach, if necessary, or retain it as a lesson learned for future projects.


The word “culture” is defined as the set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices that characterizes an institution or organization.

At Topsun Electronic, its culture serves as the foundation for everything it does, how it serves clients and the way its people work with each other.

“Unique.” “Progressive.” “Fun.” “Caring.” These are just some of the words Topsun employees use to describe the company’s culture.

How does Topsun create this kind of atmosphere?  First and foremost, it hires only the very best and brightest people who possess the “complete package” of skills: technical, communication, customer service and leadership. Topsun also invests in its people through comprehensive training, development programs and seminars by industry experts/professionals. The company cares for its people by providing best-in-class benefits and compensation plans. Topsun enhances its communities by launching its own periodicals and blackboards newspapers named “The Window of Topsun”. Topsun regularly holds sport events to promote a healthy lifestyle and organizes social activities with customers to enhance mutual understanding. And finally, Topsun celebrates its successes by hosting many fun social events throughout the year.

In return, Topsun employees work extraordinarily hard to exceed the high expectations of clients and their team mates every day. Topsun teams are happy in their jobs; which is reflected in the low employee turnover that the company enjoys.


Sustainability is not a trend. It is how we build projects.

As one of the top 100 Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Enterprise in China who has achieved ISO 14001 certification, Topsun shares the mission of promoting the manufacturing of environmentally responsible products and a healthy place to live and work.

This commitment is demonstrated by our continuous efforts in investing in leading edge technology and conducting R&D in the use of new material that are environmentally friendly. Our early involvement in the ESI program together with our customers enable us to recommend lead-free and RoHS compliance material, and innovative solutions to reduce waste, are our extension to build sustainable projects.


ISO 9001:2008

Quality Management System

ISO 14001:2004

Environmental System Certification

ISO/TS 16949

Quality System Certification

ISO 13485:2003

Quality Management System

Underwriters Laboratories

File No.: E216781

SONY Green Partner

REACH Compliant

RoHS2 Compliant